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"Chris had the patience to listen to me and help me find answers to questions I did not even want to ask. He really helped me to reconnect with myself and to be brave in this whole process. He helped me embrace my pain and find ways of dealing with it."

Pink Blossom

"I see light, hope and happiness in my future, where I didn’t previously. I feel stronger mentally and more in control having worked through situations and relationships in my past. Anger doesn’t surround me any more. There is too much to write here. I can’t thank Chris enough."

"Thanks again for all of your support. It has been great working with you and really appreciated your empathy and amazing insights!"

"Chris was really great throughout, and incredibly compassionate and easy to speak to. It really helped me to organise my thoughts, consider strategies, and consider responses to day-to-day issues as they cropped up."

"Thank you Chris for the past 10 weeks – really helped me a lot – you really helped me piece my life together and get a better understanding of who I am as a person and helped me figure out who I want to be rather than what everyone else wants me to be."

"Chris created an environment of trust and made me feel comfortable from day 1. The sessions gave time for me to think about my feelings, something which I had neglected."

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